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"John" had this to say:

i need to tell this, truth is something thatwe humans invented just as we are thinking it is, for most of us is trust just something that we feel thats true but everyone, dont think that this world is telling youtruth, this world full of humans that dontsee, those who are just acting like smart and knows shit about real world how hard it is to live, just think... is it ok that a lot of people,childrens have nothing to eat?? And what all those smart idiots doing? They are just sitting there and watching them dying like they are animals, racism is untold truth, everything is based on lie, its reversed, lie is truth...everything that humans made is lie

only one is truth and answer to everything thats time?? Time is the answer for everything just think about how the world was created, there are lot of ways

some are saying that it was just cuz of meteors, some are saying that God created it , but think what if we are not supossed to live this whats called “live?” What if we are just lying to ourselfs that this is right?? What if we just fuck things up from the very beginning? What are we suppose to do? Shouldnt we stay together?

shouldnt we erase racism? Shouldnt this world finally stop lying to us? What gives them premission to lie about our lives???who are they to tell us that if we wont do what they want we will be throwed out of system? Ill tell you truth?? They are trying to get on that level where everything is possible, where they can be limitless, where they can do everything in the blink of an eye, in the state of God, and they are lying to us just cuz they cant do it alone, they need us to do it, they are trying to change what cant be changed, they are trying to make a robots from us, we are located on every single step we do,

they know everything about us, they know too mutch, thats the truth... they dont want to accept it, but yeah it is, they are lyiers , lying about how perfect will world be when they will acomplish to destroy it, open your eyes, wolrd is not for us to destroy it, world is my home, world is your home everyones so please dont destroy it just live in a peace, actually im the biggest idiot in this world, but i can see,i can see that they are just lying

lying about all medicines, lying about food, about moon about wolrd about everything we thought its true, they trying to say that we evolved from apes but guys if we evolved from apes then why are apws still here???? Thats ridiculous!!! Think dont let them take over you, we have one live, so dont let them change and take that whats yours ! No one can tell you stop singing !! You can fly if u want to!!

run out of houses and do what you want!

world is one , we are one!!

and black,broun,white,yellow even green if i have to say it this way!! We are one!

and we always will be! Skin is skin but everyone haves heart, everyone wants to feel love, everyone wants to wake up and feel free, everyone ! Not just those who are acting smart!! We are one !

remember never forget that, if u let them change your life, you wont live, you will just do the same thing whole live

so open your eyes and think ??

thanks for those people who are actually doing something good for this world and telling true truth????

your welcome guys

---Reply posted by Patricia on 5/20/2018
Well thank you John for your long comment on this. I agree with much of what you say here in that we ARE all "one." I also think that we are both "one AND many" at the same time and that this is not a contradiction at all. I have kind of boiled this down to one common problem. a personal boundary problem. I think if we ALL understood that we are all the same AND also all unique/different, (which means we are the same thing if you know what I mean..) we would all learn what boundaries REALLY were and the world would straighten itself out, on a collective level, because of it. I live and hope.
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