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The Wind Never Lies
By Steven Morgan

Reproduced here for free with permission of Steven Morgan



Much of this page is courtesy Madness Radio and the Freedom Center Massachussetts under a Creative Commons copyright. I include what seems most relevant to me and my own experience. To see much more please click on the Icon below or go to:
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Pengobatan Alami Untuk Penyakit Kulit/
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 RIZKI KIMONG  8/14/2018


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Cara Mengatasi Sakit Leher/

 Sinji  8/12/2018

 Yoo Hoo...Police Officers

The Mobbing Portal

University Of Metaphysical Sciences 
This page has free audio downloads which I and others have found very relaxing and calming. Even if 'angels' etc. is not your thing, the delivery and cadence of these meditations may be helpful to you.

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