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 On Stigma-
This one was sent to me as a creation by one of the "Less Than Thrilled" psychiatric survivours in Canada Clara Hughes he is NOT. I can also relate to much of what he is saying here. Margaret Trudeau I am Not.
The point is there are alway two sides to imperfect "help" and when one side is suppressed and invalidated we open ourselves up to dictatorships, and dictatorships abuse power as if it was their "right" to do so. 

Can All You Supposedly, "Normal" People HEAR Your Own Confessions?

  •  1/12/2015
  •   Lefave, Patricia
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This is going to go as part of my personal campaign pointing out the absurdities of the system, as a counterpoint/expansion to Bell Canada’s “Let’s Talk” Campaign promoted for January 28th. We could all use this as a means of PUBLICLY talking about the harm done by psychiatry and how the labelling itself creates the “stigma”. On January 28th Bell Canada Now Promotes a “Let's Talk” Campaign supposedly used to end “the Stigma” of “having” a mental illness. I Propose that We all Join in as those w...
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The System Will Not Tell You

  •  10/21/2013
  •   Lefave, Patricia
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This is the opposing viewpoint that people are intimidated into keeping silent about, because it does not promote the mental illness system and in fact has something negative to say about it. This was sent to me by a Canadian Psychiatric Survivour and though personally I can do without the language (I get to hear this all day on the bus as if it was the only adjective or adverb anyone knew) I can definitely relate to the sentiments expressed in this piece and so can many others who are on the ...
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Try Thinking About it

  •  2/2/2013
  •   Lefave, Patricia
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By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic  (who is “seeking your attention” on this matter)  ...Instead of just accepting your “training” without question.. To all of you determined to “help those people” You are “those people” and “those people” are YOU. It is only the circumstances that are slightly skewed or “different.” I am one of “those people” who does not want your current brand of “help.”[1] So I am Talking Back, just like a naughty child you will no doubt feel you must “correct.” Da...
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The Collective Level

  •  2/18/2012
  •   Lefave, Patricia
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Psycho-Spiritual Experience and Generic Meaning By Patricia Lefave....Monophrenic How do does that translate into concrete reality on an individual level? Well, all words have multiple meanings depending upon the context in which they are used. This is equally true for ALL people, not just those of us who have experienced altered states, for one reason or another.  So I found the best context to be a generic one, to start with, that we can all use, and then we can see it as individuals fro...
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Please Watch the Tone of Your Posts

  •  2/13/2012
  •   Lefave, Patricia
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On the Public Board I want to say that I would like everyone to keep the language and the potential slanderous remarks well toned down OK? I really want to keep this board up without any threats from people with power to change that. I know people are angry, resentful and frustrated for many legitimate reasons but please speak from your OWNpersonal experience and how you felt about it and not from other people's stories or gossip. If you have not read the PDF files above regarding the use of...
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Last Nights News February 2012

  •  2/3/2012
  •   Lefave, Patricia
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Researchers are searching diligently for the cause of “mental illness.” They are doing this by searching through the brains they have kept in jars for just the telltale “anomalies” that show the differences between the “normal” and the “abnormal.” They wear white coats and check thin slices of the brains of people like me, now deceased and no longer complaining, many of whom who “thought” they have been “harmed by others” or who “think” they were child sexual abuse victims and, as Freud told us....
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John 5/19/2018

i need to tell this, truth is something thatwe humans invented just as we are thinking it is, for most of us is trust just something that we feel thats true but everyone, dont think that this world is telling youtruth, this world full of humans that dontsee, those who are just acting like smart and knows shit about real world how hard it is to live, just think... is it ok that a lot of people,childrens have nothing to eat?? And what all those smart idiots doing? They are just sitting there and watching them dying like they are animals, racism is untold truth, everything is based on lie, its reversed, lie is truth...everything that humans made is lie

only one is truth and answer to everything thats time?? Time is the answer for everything just think about how the world was created, there are lot of ways

some are saying that it was just cuz of meteors, some are saying that God created it , but think what if we are not supossed to live this whats called “live?” What if we are just lying to ourselfs that this is right?? What if we just fuck things up from the very beginning? What are we suppose to do? Shouldnt we stay together?

shouldnt we erase racism? Shouldnt this world finally stop lying to us? What gives them premission to lie about our lives???who are they to tell us that if we wont do what they want we will be throwed out of system? Ill tell you truth?? They are trying to get on that level where everything is possible, where they can be limitless, where they can do everything in the blink of an eye, in the state of God, and they are lying to us just cuz they cant do it alone, they need us to do it, they are trying to change what cant be changed, they are trying to make a robots from us, we are located on every single step we do,

they know everything about us, they know too mutch, thats the truth... they dont want to accept it, but yeah it is, they are lyiers , lying about how perfect will world be when they will acomplish to destroy it, open your eyes, wolrd is not for us to destroy it, world is my home, world is your home everyones so please dont destroy it just live in a peace, actually im the biggest idiot in this world, but i can see,i can see that they are just lying

lying about all medicines, lying about food, about moon about wolrd about everything we thought its true, they trying to say that we evolved from apes but guys if we evolved from apes then why are apws still here???? Thats ridiculous!!! Think dont let them take over you, we have one live, so dont let them change and take that whats yours ! No one can tell you stop singing !! You can fly if u want to!!

run out of houses and do what you want!

world is one , we are one!!

and black,broun,white,yellow even green if i have to say it this way!! We are one!

and we always will be! Skin is skin but everyone haves heart, everyone wants to feel love, everyone wants to wake up and feel free, everyone ! Not just those who are acting smart!! We are one !

remember never forget that, if u let them change your life, you wont live, you will just do the same thing whole live

so open your eyes and think ??

thanks for those people who are actually doing something good for this world and telling true truth????

your welcome guys

---Reply posted by Patricia on 5/20/2018
Well thank you John for your long comment on this. I agree with much of what you say here in that we ARE all "one." I also think that we are both "one AND many" at the same time and that this is not a contradiction at all. I have kind of boiled this down to one common problem. a personal boundary problem. I think if we ALL understood that we are all the same AND also all unique/different, (which means we are the same thing if you know what I mean..) we would all learn what boundaries REALLY were and the world would straighten itself out, on a collective level, because of it. I live and hope.
Patrica, site owner.. and no guys here at all.....except as visitors and contributors.

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On the Bell Let's Talk Campaign for 2015 on January 28th

This is going to go as part of my personal campaign pointing out the absurdities of the system, as a counterpoint/expansion to Bell Canada’s “Let’s Talk”Campaign promoted for January 28th. We could all use this as a means of PUBLICLY talking about the harm done by psychiatry and how the labelling itself creates the “stigma”.

Read full article in text above in the blog section of this page titled,

"Can You Supposedly "Normal" People Hear Your Own Confessions?

On January 28th Bell Canada Now Promotes a “Let's Talk” Campaign supposedly used to end “the Stigma” of “having” a mental illness. I Propose that We all Join in as those with another point of view to that of the happy consumer.

Does Having Someone fill a Role as an Active Listener Change Outcomes?

Do many of you wish that you could just find someone who would just listen to you and take you seriously? Does being diagnosed and labelled in ten to fifteen cost effective minutes remind you of your own experience?
Do you feel like you are not seen as real, or as human, as those who label you and those who accept your labelling as if it was indicative of who you are?
Do you feel largely invisible as a human being?
Do your drugs make you feel sick?
Are you one of those who finale FOUND someone who would listen?
How did, or would,  a listening ear change outcomes for you?
What do you need that you are not getting from today's Brave New Bio Psych? 

Getting Started on Talking Back- the Other Perspective

On Clara Hughes and the “Let's Talk Campaign” 

For those of you not in Canada who have never heard of this, here is a reference to what I am talking about here. 

Clara Hughes

The No One Must Be Blamed “Game”

Currently I have seen that at the first hint that the psychiatrized person even suggests that someone in their life is to blame for something which has had a negative impact on the psychiatrized person's life or well being, he or she most often gets the mental illness system auto response delivered like a knee jerk reaction to suggestion, without any connection, or any interest in even the possibility of wrong doing by those “others” who can never be blamed for anything. Most often heard seems to be “We (the imperial “we”) can't blame others.”

Not being “allowed” to blame[1] anyone else for anything, anytime or anyplace sure does make a great debate stopper, but is it a valid idea to promote and impose such “one size fits all” concepts to individual situations?
I have not found this helpful and in fact, I believe that in many cases it has just the opposite effect and does more to prevent resolution and enable abuse, while defending and protecting the abusers, than anything else.
If you think so too and would like to share your thoughts or personal experiences on this topic please do so.

[1]  The dictionary definition of “blame” is: “to hold accountable” which may not have anything at all to do with any action other than SAYING, “I hold you accountable for your own behaviour.”

Communication Problems: Words and Meaning


I believe that much of the problem with the system comes from splitting the “difference” in words and meaning. 


Words like; “God, set up, strangers talking about me, being watched, abused, threatened, mocked,” etc. ...all take on a meaning in psychiatry that does not apply in the same way in the world outside the parameters of psychiatric diagnostics. Psychiatry is its own little world apart from everyday reality.


That's a big part of the problem too. To say such things without a psychiatric label is very different than saying the same things with a psychiatric label, or even if it has just been suggested that you should HAVE a psychiatric label. This is the only profession that deals with life and living, with experience, perception and emotional reactions “as if” it could all be defined as absolutes, as abstract truth, in one size fits all terms. In reality, that is not how life is, and not how life works. If you are one with personal experience of this sort of relationship, consider talking about it publicly here so that those yet to BE psychiatrized can get a sense of what this reality can really be like and what that means to those of “us” who are somewhat less than delighted with bio-psych than are those who promote the system.

Metaphors for Experience

Whether we use metaphors deliberately and consciously, as ALL human beings do, to try to explain our experiences to psychiatrists and others in the system, or whether they come unbidden and uncontrolled from an altered state, the MAJORITY of psychiatrists consider them all to be essentially meaningless. Do you agree with that or not?

If they seemed to arise from within like a dream or a nightmare, while your eyes were open and taking in everything else in concrete reality as well, did these metaphors help you find meaning and understanding later on in your recovery? Mine did. Though at the time I found I could not either separate from them nor integrate them. Chaos prevailed for a time. It was VERY confusing to say the least, mirroring my actual experience in concrete reality which was being denied by all involved. They still do. I just don't care anymore.

If this describes something similar from your own experiences, what did your metaphors mean to you, consciously then, or not consciously until perhaps sometime afterwards?

Delusional Reversal of the Presumably 'Sane' Ones?




How many of you who have been psychiatrized for your reporting of personal experiences got to the point where you realized that your reality had been turned into what appeared to be the exact opposite of what it really was?
Is this a common experience and frequent sensing  of what goes on in dysfunctional groups and with psychiatry as well? If you have had an experience of this, how about sharing some of the concrete details here with those who are still struggling to make some sense of similar experiences?.


Let's Talk Back
This is the Forum for Psychiatric Survivours Who Want to Tell the Mental Illness System How They REALLY Feel about all the Help. Let's Talk Back to Those About the reality of the Reductionism and the labelling Process

Pat's Disclaimer: the posts of other participants on this public board do not necessarily express my own personal beliefs, experiences or opinions. I agree with some things expressed by others as they experienced it, with some ideas for change and not with some others. However, I do believe in the right to the honest expression of experiences with some simple limits, delivered in a non threatening manner. If we all offer our ideas and suggestions, others may find something they can use too for their own recovery and growing well being. I also believe that the best support can come from those who got all the way through their own experience and managed to come out the other side of it. We can't always see where we are heading, but we can see where we have been. Talking about it openly and honestly just may help BOTH the talker and the listener. So welcome to a place of mutual support with good boundaries part of the mutual goal. Maybe we can create a better way or relating and communicating by our own example. It is worth a try.