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I am changing the way I use this page. The only thing here now will be a list of the titles of new posts and the name of the page they are being posted on. If interested in the topic you will need to go to that page.




A Favourite New Commercial 

“The number one cause of sleeplessness due to pain is body pain.” 

Confused Inferior:... that would be as opposed to pain that was outside the body and therefore NOT body pain????

I bet the person who wrote this commercial has a university education and so that is probably why I don't understand it and feel “confused.” You know how stupid us uneducated whack jobs are.....




 Attention All Testers

When you test me to see what kind of a reaction you can get from me by testing me, be sure to include in your test results the fact that I am aware I am being tested by you. (You didn't know that, did you?) 

Attention Homewood Helpers
We want psychiatrists to become Voice Hearers.
The Voices we want you all to hear are OURS


Consensus Reality Maintenance

The most common response in heavy use by most dysfunctional folks in dysfunctional relating is NO RESPONSE at ALL. 

Do any of you at Homewood, or the University, want to respond to that assertion?



For the Local Population- “The Big Reveal

Your endless story telling, gossiping, assessing and evaluating of me and my situation AND my paranoid delusions/hallucinated conversations are ONE and the same thing from opposing viewpoints.


The “difference” is created by “definition.”

Wakey Wakey. 

Oh I Get By with A Little Help from Our Friends

When Johnny and Jane
 Come Marching Home

Combat Survivours Peer Support Line- New Canadian

“If You're Hurting, We're Here to Listen”


 This is not a government line. It is a PEER Support line, BY soldiers FOR soldiers.

(I hope they will put up a website with a private group talk board like psych survivours do, or create one with available resources...some of which are free. They may have to restrict SOME of their talk online to keep their controllers away but not all of it.)

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Psychiatry: Are You Out of Your Mind?
Part One

Call Me Crazy 

Has been reproduced here with the full Knowledge and permission of Paula J. Caplan, PhD., Now at Harvard

Deepest Sadness

The ultimate sadness comes from being told by those in authority that your sadness has nothing whatsoever to do with your life, your experiences, your relationships or your genuine feelings about it all and that it is all just a problem of bad brain chemistry. The sadness that comes from being forced into a psycho-spiritual position like that one trumps them all.


It's the Closing of Ranks and the Group Hug that Tends to Give it Away


Two Halves of a Whole 

Are YOU one of the 'sane' people who are watching, following and reporting on someone who is 'insane' because s/he 'thinks' that people s/he does not even know are watching, following and reporting on him/her?


Physical and Metaphysical

They actually go together...to resolve it on one level resolves it on the other as well.

Let’s Hide the Truth so we can look for it!

Human Beings Like to Hide the Truth from Themselves…and then spend an endless amount of time searching for the “hidden” meaning in all they say and do.

The Wall

Putting up a dysfunctional group wall ...or a ''blue'' wall, or a ''white''' wall, ensures the protection, support and enablement of whatever abuser, ass-hole, or monster is inside ''those four walls'' with you. Evil grows in the dark- like fungus. Often the real 'threat' is coming from inside and not from outside.

This ''closing of ranks'' to protect a group, based on being a part of the group, rather than on discernment, principles, ethics or evidence has to go, as this is the nature of dysfunctional relating and part of what keeps it going. We cannot ''fix'' what we are not ''allowed'' to see or hear.


What is Scary about this Talk by Allen Frances, Leading Architect of the DSM-IV  is two fold-

What he is "confessing," which is done by psychiatry, is true and ALSO he STILL does NOT really  see what he should  because he is basically still a "believer". I have to put this here now  though and I will soon write a piece to go with it, pointing out the things NOT seen which so many of  us want seen.