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Christopher Lane, Ph.D.

Christopher Lane

Christopher Lane is the Pearce Miller Research Professor at Northwestern University. He teaches and writes about Victorian and modern literature and intellectual history, including psychology and psychiatry. His books include The Burdens of Intimacy, Hatred and Civility, and Shyness: How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness. He's written for the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, New York Sun, Herald Tribune, and New Statesman and Society.

Will Hall at Alternatives Conference 2010


Chicken/Egg Paradox


The results of an enquiry by our prison system into the death of an inmate named Ashley Smith, 19, has determined that maybe they should ban the isolation of mentally ill prisoners for long periods of time. Isolation for long periods of time CAUSES what gets defined as “mental illness.” Though the system knows this, they cannot seem to connect the dots here either.



S O C I O L O G Y   

F O R   



Professor of Sociology
University of Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1, Canada
519.888.4567, ext 33660

Updated with quotes for January 2010:

Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.
— Thomas Jefferson, letter, 1816.


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Family In Denmark Fights for Release of Son
Free Abdulle Website

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Newsweek: The Growing Push

Listening to Madness

Why some mentally ill patients are rejecting their medication and making the case for 'mad pride.'


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by the individual writers on ProactiveMad Together  do not necessarily represent those of the Site Owner. This page is dedicated to the free expression of personal experience within the parameters of my Mission Statement. This page is to be taken as the opinions of others, many of them based on each ones personal experience. It is not recommended by me to be taken as advice, or direction, on which anyone should act without questioning the content. If you make the choice to act on the opinions of others, please proceed with the utmost of caution and be prepared to accept responsibility for your own actions.
I repeat again; I am NOT a medical professional or mental health expert. I am an ex mental patient and psychiatric survivour, one who believes also from experience that 'bio-psych' is the wrong way to go.


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The History of

Madness in


Welcome to the History of Madness in Canada

Bienvenue à l'histoire de la folie au Canada

This is a permanent, public Canadian website, created to enhance critical thinking, heritage preservation and historical research in the fields of psychiatric medicine and mental health.

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In Memoriam  Thomas Szasz, M.D.  


September 8th 2012 at the age of 92

Thank you for your decades of Public Opposition to the Psychiatric Faith. 

His writing was among those of others which, having read in my youth, helped me to recover myself in later life,  despite all the pressure by others to have me accept myself as defective and incapable of perceiving my own reality, from my own point of view.

The opposing viewpoint helped me to anchor to reality. This is also why I do this website in the hope that the public exposure of my own surreal experience will give others who have come after me, and who also get trapped in the invalidation system, to do the same.

We Regret to Announce the Death of Psychologist/ex psychiatrized Survivour and
Successful Schizophrenia  

website owner,
Al Siebert, PhD

1934 - 2009

Alles Wissenswerte über Psychiatrie

True facts about psychiatry [January 25, 2010]


Inhaltsverzeichnis [Sprache entspricht den Titeln]

In German and English


Psychologists for Social Responsibility 



Andrew Phelps 

We Regret to Announce the Death of:
Alice Miller, Psychoanalyst, Dies at 87  


Related Many Problems to Parental Acts
Alice Miller, a psychoanalyst who repositioned the family as a locus of dysfunction with her theory that parental power and punishment lay at the root of many human problems, died at her home in Provence on April 14. She was 87.

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A 'Message' for You from
We the People"
Regarding Esmin Green and
Many Others

pro- nor anti- medication, the guide provides valuable information for making wiser decisions, and supports people coming off as well as staying on meds. It was developed with the editorial involvement of 14 health care professionals, including psychiatrists, registered nurses, and acupuncturists, and published by The Icarus Project and Freedom Center. You can find out more about the Guide by clicking on the link in the Title. PLease make sure you scroll down far enough.

Harm Reduction Guide PDF Download

Discover and Recover

By Duane Sherry 


by Paula J. Caplan, Ph.D.

Many people have presented me with the following challenge: ‘People suffer. Often, good therapists can help relieve suffering, and suffering people deserve to have insurance pay for their therapy. But insurance companies won’t pay unless the person gets a psychiatric diagnosis. However, psychiatric diagnosis is unscientific and has often caused both direct and indirect, devastating effects in people’s lives. So what is the solution?”



Special People and Places

In June 2006, Leonard’s Electroshock Quotationary, was published on the Internet. The book is an illustrated, 154-page collection of chronologically arranged quotations, excerpts, and short essays about the history and nature of electroshock (electroconvulsive treatment, ECT), psychiatry’s most controversial procedure. This is a PDF file.


The Mobbing Encyclopaedia

 The Definition of Mobbing at Workplaces


© Heinz Leymann - 12100e

Bullying; Whistleblowing

Mobbing - its Course Over Time 
New Literature

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Identification of Mobbing Activities

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MOBBING: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace

"Read this book as a safety manual for avoiding the most terrifying kind of workplace injury. The advice given here is clear, practical, and sound. Its foundation in empirical research is firm. I recommend this book to every employee and manager in America."

-Dr. Kenneth Westhues, Professor of Sociology, University of Waterloo, Canada, author of Eliminating Professors, A Guide to the Dismissal Process

Childhood trauma and psychosis:
Evidence, pathways, and implications